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Science - A STEM Approach


Available September 2018

STEM education prepares pupils for the roles of the future by developing skills such as innovation, creativity, reasoning and problem-solving, in addition to science skills such as questioning, observing, predicting, experimenting, analysing and communicating. Both in the Irish context and internationally, STEM subjects and their role in a pupil’s education are receiving greater attention. These copymasters aim to give pupils a foundation in these subjects at primary level so that they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to build upon them in their further education.


Science: A STEM Approach is a series of photocopiable copymasters designed to enhance the teaching of science by:


  • boosting teacher confidence in delivering both science learning and STEM activities;
  • developing opportunities for pupils to explore their own ideas and learning;
  • ensuring a range of opportunities to develop scientific skills through practical activities, observing, recording and measuring;
  • promoting active learning, scientific inquiry, exploration and the testing of hypotheses and ideas; and
  • providing practical suggestions and ideas for using readily available resources.

The copymasters are available for Infants up to 6th Class. Each one adopts the successful model of integrating STEM into the curriculum through teaching the science part of a topic and then developing this in a cross-curricular fashion, incorporating technology and/or engineering skills.

By the end of 6th Class, pupils will be well prepared for secondary school, particularly in the areas of science, technology and engineering.

Each book in the series features:

  • four units based around learning concepts in Living Things, Energy and Forces, Materials and Earth and the Environment;
  • individual lesson plans in each unit to develop science and STEM concepts;
  • a STEM Project in each unit where pupils have to design and create, and apply their knowledge and skills;
  • ideas for incorporating technology in the classroom;
  • background information for the teacher;
  • resource sheets; and
  • a range of assessment activities.


Each unit also includes a STEM Project that links the science knowledge and skills learnt with aspects of engineering, design and technology, information technology and mathematics. Each STEM Project also includes:

  • a design brief;
  • STEM curriculum links;
  • alternative project ideas;
  • advice on assessing STEM skills, understanding and processes; and
  • photocopiable resource sheets.


These copymasters are an ideal supplement to an existing science scheme or they can provide the content, ideas and resources from which to build science teaching and learning throughout the school.


    In This Series:

    • Science: A STEM Approach (1st Class) - Code: 6171IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-15-2
    • Science: A STEM Approach (2nd Class) - Code: 6172IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-16-9
    • Science: A STEM Approach (3rd Class) - Code: 6173IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-17-6
    • Science: A STEM Approach (4th Class) - Code: 6174IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-18-3
    • Science: A STEM Approach (5th Class) - Code: 6175R ISBN- 978-1-912760-19-0
    • Science: A STEM Approach (6th Class) - Code: 6176IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-20-6
    • Science: A STEM Approach (Infants) - Code: 6170IR ISBN- 978-1-912760-14-5
Price: 24.95

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